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Within Surnichia, two climate zones can be distinguished. The western parts of the country, along the Atlantic and North Sea coast, have a maritime mild temperate climate. Temperatures here are much more temperate than would be expected on the basis of the northern latitude, due to strong influence of the warm North Atlantic Current (Gulf Stream). The area experiences mild but rainy winters and relatively cool summers. Annual precipitation amounts to over 2000 mm around the city of Byrg.

The Surnichian inland has a humid continental climate (or a transition from maritime to continental), that is somewhat dryer than the maritime climate. It has warm summers that can last up till four months. A consequence of the high latitude is that summer days are long, resulting in more sunshine which pushes up temperatures a little more.

Climate table for Surnichia
Climate Table
Climate table Average montly temperatures (in ℃) and precipitation (in mm) in Jelnyr (southern Surnichia), Byrg (western Surnichia), and Grýná Sat (northern Surnichia)