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The Surnichian nation was formed by the unification of different relatively isolated communities in south-western Scandinavia. These communities all had their own dialects. As a consequence, still many different languages and dialects are spoken in Surnichia today. The official language of Surnichia, the language of the government and the national media, is Surnichian, which is derived from the dialect group originally spoken around ... | more >>


Within Surnichia, two climate zones can be distinguished. The western parts of the country, along the Atlantic and North Sea coast, have a maritime mild temperate climate. Temperatures here are much more temperate than would be expected on the basis of the northern latitude, due to strong influence of the warm North Atlantic Current (Gulf Stream). The area experiences soft but rainy winters and relatively cool summers. Annual ... | more >>


Due to the high variety in landscapes, from rough mountainous areas with glaciers and rocks to gently sloping hills covered with friendly forests, Surnichia has a wide diversity of plant and animal species.


The most common forests found throughout Surnichia are pine forests. From a macro perspective they belong to the boreal forests, a vast area of coniferous ... |
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